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Fast Feet in Sports offer a number of programs based on S.A.Q (Speed Agility and Quickness) techniques that will train both your brain and your body providing you with greater personal control in your competitions. The end results will not only see you become Fitter and Faster but also Stronger and Smarter.

Each Program will enhance your performance levels and reaction times from which you will see significant improvements in your multi-directional speed, a development of instinctive ball control, and acceleration and deceleration. 
Fast Feet in Sports will greatly assist those who participate in sports such asNetball, Basketball, Football and Swimming just to name a few. Whichever your chosen sport, we can assist you by designing and updating programs that will compliment your current coaching sessions.

 Six skill sets have been specifically designed to gradually improve your acceleration, agility and speed in the game. Each skill set will challenge you to improve your balance and body control, focus on ball skill and technique, whilst increasing concentration and improved focus within a game. 

Fast Feet Football Program:

Age 8+

Level One to Six Skill Set. Certificates awarded as each skill set 

For further information contact Andy 0423 800 618 or visit www.fastfeetinsports.com.au

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